Author: Simon Gornick

Simon Gornick

Simon Gornick, Founder, Moovd, a Kinetic Typography video tool for small businesses. BBC, LTW, MTV alum and content consultant with nearly a decade of experience in online video.

Everyone needs a tagline: welcome to the age of micro-celebrity.

In the age of Personal Branding, or Micro-Celebrity, quickly giving visitors to your profiles an all important nugget about who you are is very important. 

Okay, I admit it, coming from a tagline professional like me, that headline might sound just a tad self-serving, and maybe it is, but there's more than a shred of truth in the statement too.


17 tips for creating a great website tagline

Taglines may seem like a just a few words next to a logo, but they can really help define and differentiate your core brand message in seconds. A slogan can be the difference between grabbing a visitor's attention or losing them to your competitor.

You've got yourself a good domain, built a really neat site, designed a cool logo, completed your SEO checklist, and if you’re lucky got a good copywriter to crank out some some engaging content for you.

There’s just one more thing you might want to think about. A tagline.


Social Media: conspicuous without the consumption

It's no coincidence that the rise of social media has coincided with the abrupt end of America's thirty year consumer binge.