Author: Stephanie Miller


Why specialists might be hampering innovation in digital transformation

The road to digital transformation is paved with innovation. Or, at least, the acceptance of an innovation mindset. 

Some of our clients call this "intrapreneurship" and some follow the Google 10% model, where time is set aside specifically for ideation and exploration of new products and approaches. Failure is often rewarded. In fact, one of our financial services clients has a "fail fast goal" that is measured as part of performance goals.


Your 2017 marketing plan should be defined by change and transformation

Welcome to 2017, the year where rapid change defines marketing.  

Are your people ready to embrace real change and build on current momentum? If so, you will see a real digital transformation this year - all the better for the company, your teams and your customers.


How mobile-enabled analytics can help to boost sales in-store

Customers are fully mobile-enabled, so why not your marketing and sales teams?  

Arming your field teams with mobile devices to share data back to a central analytics team can result in important real-time insights and a dramatic positive revenue impact.


How L&D teams keep up with the millennial workforce

It's official: Millennials are the largest living demographic group. 

Yet, employers are still scrambling to keep up with the changing motivations and demands that keep people focused and happy in their work.