Author: Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller is a passionate customer advocate – helping digital marketers improve performance and inbox deliverability by creating amazing subscriber experiences.  She is the Vice President of Market Development for Return Path, the email performance company where she educates marketers on response, integrated marketing and deliverability best practices. She is a frequent speaker and writer on digital marketing.

Stephanie has nearly 20 years of marketing, publishing and consulting experience building and managing integrated direct marketing programs.  An online marketing pioneer, she was the first publisher of The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition. She held executive-level marketing positions with Hotmail and RealNetworks before working for six years as a marketing consultant in Silicon Valley.  

Email stephanie[dot]miller@returnpath[dot]net or @StephanieSAM

How to use Big Data to start small

The big promise of big data for marketers is to be able to use all the data we have. By looking at all the information, big data allows us to explore minute details without the risk of blurriness.

in theory, sampling (which always lost detail because it is a proxy for the full data set) and guesswork go away, we can analyse all the data for every customer and prospect, and provide that customer experience nirvana of just the right offer at just the right time.

If that feels like a big change for you, then start small. Attribution, one of the most persistent of marketing challenges, can be a great area to apply big data for immediate results, and ROI.