Author: Tim Aldiss

Tim Aldiss

I started in digital as a self taught web designer and Flash programmer in 1998.

After building a full e-commerce website - - I landed a job as employee number 4 at Spannerworks.

We were then a web shop with a part time (dread-lock) student running a fledgling SEO sideline.

A prioritised web development & site migration SEO checklist

My friend and ex-colleague Modestos Siotos has written an authoritative piece on site migration over on the Moz blog and there’s no way I even want to go anywhere near improving on that.

However, I am often asked both for that authoritative guide and for a prioritised list of actions/areas of focus, so this article will do just that.


33 examples of great meta descriptions for search

Despite the current trend to segment your audience as much as possible it's still easy to overlook the art of meta description writing.

After all Google search still reaches all of your target market and beyond.

Here's a reminder of the important considerations for meta description writing with some examples. 


Eight types of social tools and how you can use them

The number of social tools is bewildering: what is the difference between a social media listening tool and an engagement platform? What are Enterprise 2.0 platforms?

For anyone who is perplexed by the number of social tools, here is an overview of eight types, based on a report written by our Social Strategist Miranda Man. 

Please note that this is not an exhaustive or definitive list!


Google CTR study: top three positions deliver 35% of traffic

Ripples spread through the SEO community with the recent publication of a new Click Through Rate (CTR) study by an agency called Slingshot.

Why oh why is this important to anyone you may ask! Let me enlighten you…