Author: Tim Cawsey

Tim Cawsey

Currently in charge of all things about the corporate brand at Gemalto as well as our corporate publications (Annual Report, Customer Magazine etc.) and now Social Media. I have been working in Gemalto for the last 13 years in different areas of Marketing Communications & Branding. Mainly in the South of France but also in Philadelphia, USA. Prior to that I was working in Hi Tech marketing and tech transfer in Manchester. I speak French & Spanish and hold an MSc in Digital Marketing Communications from Manchester Met/Econsultancy.    

Creating a social media strategy for B2B organisations

As shown in many of the latest Econsultancy reports, a growing number of B2B companies seem to have caught up with their B2C peers and are investing in social media.

However, when we decided to create a company-wide social media strategy in the summer of 2010 there were very few examples from which to draw inspiration.