Author: Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn

Currently Director of Strategy for Isobar Mobile, I have over 11 years’ experience in mobile I am one of the longest standing mobile marketers in the UK, with a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the industry.

Equally conversant with creative, technical and commercial aspects of the job, I act as a one-stop knowledge base and strategist for my base of clients and partners.

I have a clear planning and strategic focus, offering creativity, momentum and drive to client relationships, while simultaneously achieving marketing aims and demonstrating hard results.

Why is mobile important for B2B marketing?

I think it was five years ago that someone first asked me what the use of mobile was within B2B Marketing. Then I struggled to think of anything worth reporting.

In those dark days before the iPhone transformed our lives, there was little purpose in using SMS or primitive applications within businesses.

However, the tide has turned and now mobile presents a huge number of opportunities for B2B marketers, and as with consumer marketing, those who do not get on board run the risk of falling behind more nimble competitors.

So why is mobile so important?


Mobile networks: the empire strikes back

Can the vaunted joint venture between the UK network operators get them back on top in the mobile advertising arms race?

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