Author: Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker is an independent online media consultant, trainer and presenter. He started his career in print media, working as a journalist and editor at Future Publishing across a range of specialist interest sectors, including video games, music making, computing and technology. In 1999 he became an online publisher and launched (now known as, which quickly became one of the world's leading video games websites.

Tim went on to work as a senior manager in the customer division at Origin Publishing, which has since been bought by the BBC and operates as BBC Customer Publishing. Here he developed publishing media for a diverse range of clients including Waterstone's, HMV, Cineworld and English Heritage.

Tim went back to Future Publishing in 2004 as part of the senior management team heading up the newly formed New Media division. As Online Group Senior Editor Tim introduced a focus on user experience and usability testing, and integrated a user centred design approach to launches such as TechRadar, MusicRadar, BikeRadar and As part of his role he also trained web editorial, marketing and publishing teams on all aspects of web publishing.

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