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Author: Tom Waterfall


Why site optimisation is necessary before, during and after site redesigns

Say the words ‘site re-design’ and if you listen really, really hard you can probably hear a collective shudder from IT and marketing teams around the world.

Anyone who has ever been involved in a site re-design will know it’s a huge project and requires coordination of a number of parties involved.

With resources constantly under pressure, testing can often be forgotten. However, this can actually cause more problems in the long run!


Conversion optimisation in an internationalised online world: part two

Welcome back. I hope you caught the first part in this series where I stressed how important it is that businesses recognise that countries and cultures interact with websites differently and how it’s key to provide bespoke experiences in order to succeed.

In the concluding part of the series, I’ll explore the challenges of brand consistency and my final thoughts on the matter. There is a big world out there and this is neither a quick nor easy process.

It is one that will help increase conversions and ROI though, something businesses can’t ignore as global online competition accelerates.

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Conversion optimisation in an internationalised online world: part one

When I moved to the UK in 2007, aside from acclimatising myself to a new city, culture and a host of new accents, I found myself having to adjust to being regularly mistaken for an American.

At first, it bothered me but as with most things though, you adapt. But it bothered me because, despite all our apparent similarities, Canadians and Americans are very different. 

These differences can be translated to today’s online world, where it’s important for businesses to recognise that countries or cultures interact with websites differently and should therefore be treated with a bespoke experience.

In the realm of conversion optimisation, there are a number of best practices that can be considered.


Embarrassing predictions: a foray into mobile and tablet optimisation: part three

Welcome back. I hope you have been following my three-part blog series on tablet and mobile optimisation.

In the third and final part I will conclude my top four considerations for optimising on mobile and tablet devices. Enjoy!


Embarrassing predictions: a foray into mobile and tablet optimisation: part one

In our line of work, putting your intuition on the line is the norm.

Predictions, albeit with some measure of a hypothesis, are what we do, and we often get them wrong.

When we look back at some of the predictions made in the technology space in the last 150 odd years, we realise some of our predictions are not so embarrassing. 


Embarrassing predictions: a foray into mobile and tablet optimisation: part two

In my last blog I looked at why mobile and tablet optimisation was imperative to businesses.

In the second blog of the series I’ll explore why the time is now to optimise and I will also provide you with two of my top four considerations for tablet and mobile optimisation.