Author: Tony Duarte

Tony Duarte

Highly organised and naturally creative, I am a creative problem solver driven by curiosity and a desire to understand new domains and the needs of business and people. I have a track record of breaking down complex problems in fast changing circumstances and am known for my ability to lead calmly in high pressure broadcast environments.

Over the couse of 17 years I have developed and delivered complex award winning web and mobile sites and applications for a range of broadcasters, publishers and advertisers. Having cut my teeth working on Dorling Kindersley flagship multimedia products, I went on to deliver award winning sites and applications as an Executive Producer at NoHo Digital/Ogilvy Interactive, including interactive advertorials for the red button. 

Since 2002 I have developed expertise in developing and delivering second screen experiences for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and UKTV. My credits include Test The Nation IQ Test, The Million Pound Drop mobile and web apps, ITV Live World Cup second screen companion app, The Apprentice Predictor and New Look Style The Nation, and two BAFTA awards.

The potential of addressable TV advertising


Are your rivals going to let viewers respond immediately to TV ads on their iPads, while your ads just hope to be remembered?  

Second-screening, where consumers use mobile devices while watching TV, presents great opportunities for brands, retailers and financial services, and is on the increase.


Monetise this: the connected experience

Connected second screen experiences have enjoyed, or arguably suffered, a prolonged period of experimentation. No single slam dunk business model has disrupted the landscape, but there are several approaches that have succeeded in generating additional revenues and enhancing the 30-second TV spot. 

Since they are not ubiquitous, you may not be aware of these successes. Here I examine the barriers and opportunities for the connected experience in detail.

This blog elaborates on the latter, with some examples of great connected experiences that have been successfully monetised.


Why the connected experience revolution is yet to be televised

Connected experiences which seamlessly fuse second screens and connected TVs have been ‘the future of TV’ for so long it almost feels like a returning series.

Playing along with a quiz show, requesting a product sample during an advert, taking a breakfast news feature with you on your morning commute so you can finish watching, all could be routine.

But despite the enablers and technology being in place this seismic shift in the viewing experience stubbornly refuses to go mainstream. Why is this?