Author: Trisha Brandon

Trisha Brandon

Trisha Brandon is Head of Content &Community at social business agency BLOOM Worldwide. For the last 18 years, she has worked in digital content, product development and creative strategy, working with leading women’s, health, food and lifestyle brands.

Five steps for creating phenomenal content

We’re all publishers now, aren’t we? The barriers to enter the publishing game are low and Google’s given its public seal of approval to decent content (thanks Panda).

As someone passionate about content, this seems like a good thing, having content be more valued and recognised for the brand awareness, visibility and engagement it can bring.

But here’s the thing - just because we can all be publishers doesn’t mean we should be. How can you tell if you should jump into the game? And how can you ensure your content is right for your customers and your brand?

Here are five steps to help you figure out the right strategy.