Author: Xavier Izaguirre

Xavier Izaguirre

Digital Media Professional, with a background in Social Psychology and Marketing Communications.

My experience in digital transcends agency to client, communications to advertising, analytical to creative, specialist to management. You can say I like to try new stuff!

I am currently focused on heading up the Blogger Relations programme at Unruly, a role tasked with blogger relations and publisher services and composed of a highly talented mix of international and multilingual media executives, analysts, outreach coordinators and publishing managers, spread across the globe.

The four Ps of content marketing

Content marketing is everywhere. As people are increasingly using online conversations as their digital identity, the best strategy for consumer brands to engage with their audiences with is to create content they can use as their own social currency. 

Effectively, content marketing is no longer just relevant to B2B brands or consumer brands where there is a need for factual information and reviews.

Nowadays, every brand can benefit from content marketing – be it blog posts, Facebook apps, microsites or Pinterest boards.

Bodyform ficticious CEO replies to a Facebook surreal rant

How are brands using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement?

Audience involvement is the process and act of actively involving your target audience in your communication mix, in order to increase their engagement with your message as well as advocacy to your brand.

This trend in social media marketing is also partially responsible for a new understanding of the power of social, from being an afterthought in the broader communications mix, to a crucial element in prime-time television spots.

There are three different ways in which brands can involve their audiences....


Agile management practices: start benefiting from tomorrow

Agile is a philosophy and group of methods originated in software development teams oriented to rapid and flexible development, incremental results and fluid communication among teams.  

These days, agile is not limited anymore to software teams. Having seen SEO and Social Media teams being governed by an agile approach to project and task management in the past,
I have incorporated it in my own team for over a year now.

Looking back in time, I have no doubts that our agile approach to work has played a key role in the excellent results and morale of the team.

To follow, some very easy to introduce agile practices that will benefit any agency or client team, and that you can start putting into practice from today:


How to drive 85,000 entries to your competition: TomTom shows the way

Every company is fighting for consumer engagement, but TomTom managed to secure 85,000 entries to its recent Project Paradise competition.  

How? With four key approaches...


Nine tips for awesome blogger relations

Effective Blogger Relations is essential to brands these days. The high degree of trust of consumers in blogs, and the ability of bloggers to influence purchase decisions, make it hard to overstate the importance of this discipline.

Blogger relations are as important as they are delicate. Gaining positive coverage from bloggers is harder than being secretly criticised, publicly flamed or simply ignored.

Here are nine tips that will increase the chances of success from your Blogger Relations programme...