Author: Zoe-Lee Skelton

Zoe-Lee Skelton

Originally from an arts marketing and communications background, Zoe-Lee, Receptional’s SEO Content Writer has been familiar with the digital industry for well over a year.

Previous projects include the promotion and communication of events on a local and international scale, handling an art gallery’s digital communications, performing keyword research and re-writing a niche company’s entire website copy almost from scratch and strategizing successful content marketing plans.

Zoe-Lee also regularly blogs about developments in the digital sphere with some pieces receiving a good degree of traction.

old fashioned telephone

Three ways the old-school telephone can boost campaign performance

Many decades ago, the arrival of the telephone in the office was a radical step. But now, many debate as to whether we still need a landline.

The answer is yes, and here's a couple of ways that you can use that archaic piece of equipment to improve your marketing's performance.

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best restaurant brighton

How one chippy can help your business capitalise upon the Chinese market

One UK chippy has caused quite a stir among Chinese tourists. The owner Robert Savvides was baffled by the influx of Chinese people for a couple of years until he realised that the power of international SEO can aid many small UK businesses.

An interesting news feature emerged on the BBC News website last week.

It’s a quaint story about a sea-facing Brighton chippy enjoying an influx of Chinese diners...


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New look for Webmaster Tools

A closer look at Google's Webmaster Tools revamp

The navigation menu in Google's Webmaster Tools has been given a very subtle new look. Apart from looking fabulous, it's actually a pretty logical update.

If you like to keep your finger on the pulse of your website, you’ll be no stranger to Google’s Webmaster Tools. And those of you that use it on a daily basis will have noticed that last week, Google changed the navigation design.