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The top 25 Econsultancy blog posts of 2019

It’s been a busy year, with admirable focus on marketing effectiveness, many product and UX teams trialling Agile methodology, and everybody getting reacquainted (again) with the importance of business and marketing strategy.

But which Econsultancy blog posts have been most popular? Here are the top 25.

jane asscher

A day in the life of… Jane Asscher, CEO and founding partner, 23red

Jane Asscher works at 23red, a creative agency specialising in behaviour change. We caught up with her to find out what motivates her and what skills she needs in the role. Please describe your job: What do you do? I am Founding Partner and CEO at behavioural change agency, 23red. It’s a busy and exciting … Continue reading A day in the life of… Jane Asscher, CEO and founding partner, 23red

top 25 blog posts of 2019

The top 25 Econsultancy blog posts of 2019

The year is coming to a close, with continued unease about data collection and targeting, heaps of sentiment we call ‘brand purpose’, confusion about real-time bidding and EU regulation, a feeling in some quarters of ’emperor’s new clothes’ about personalisation and customer experience, and that’s just the good news!


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