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What has the greater correlation with organic search rankings? Facebook Likes or Google +1s?

According to new data, Google +1s have a stronger correlation to high natural search rankings than Facebook Likes, and play a bigger role in a blended natural search strategy.

Digital agency Stickyeyes has looked at the influence of both Google +1s and Facebook Likes as emerging ranking signals using its Roadmap tool, which analyses over 100m ranking signal metrics each month across a 13 terabyte database.

This study looked at over 7,000 URLs that rank in the top 20 positions across multiple competitive sectors in and correlated their actual +1 and Like counts versus ranking position. 

The results suggest that +1s have the strongest correlation with search rankings...


Bing adds more Facebook integration

Despite the potential for search engines to leverage data culled from popular social networking hubs like Facebook and Twitter, it's still unclear what social's long-term role in search will be.

When it comes to Bing, however, one thing is clear: Microsoft 'likes' Facebook.


Six problems with social search

While social signals seem to reflect the human value of a page, they could also bring a host of potential biases and distortions.


Social search comes of age with Google's '+1' button

It had to happen. The search behemoth has revealed plans to roll out ‘+1’, the Google equivalent of Facebook's ‘Like’ button.

Google’s intentions are clear. It wants to work social signals into its algorithm to a) reduce spam, and b) deliver increasingly personalised results.

The +1 button will appear alongside search results and – in time - on websites.