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Half of online ads aren't 50% in-view for even a second: report

Advertisers have more and more types of online ad inventory than ever, and thanks to technologies like real-time bidding, increasingly sophisticated ways to buy them.

But for advertisers actually hoping their ads will reach consumers, there's bad news.


Five guiding principles behind Making Measurement Make Sense

Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) is, in its own words, a cross-industry coalition committed to developing brand-building digital metrics and cross-platform measurement solutions.

Last week, IAB, ANA and 4A's, the member organizations behind the 3MS initiative, led a webinar showcasing the work behind 3MS and where they are to date.  IAB's Sherrill Mane, explained the initiative further:

Basically, [3MS] is a collaboration across the ecosystem to make digital media metrics more brand friendly. We have to have core metrics, standardized metrics and work flow processes to make it easier to have agencies execute campaigns and create a better supply chain. Publishers [also] need this approach as they need a way to speak a language that is understand by all parties.

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