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10 of the most shared brands on Instagram video

40% of the 1,000 most shared Instagram videos (Instavids) last month came from brands.

The 15 second long Instavid format has only been around for a few months, but is already giving Vine a run for its six second-long money. We've discussed the respective benefits of each in this provocatively titled article Fight Club! Instagram vs. Vine.

It seems that brands have been quick to utilise this longer form media. The 150m incumbent Instagram users are clearly a major draw, as opposed to the still not inconsiderable 40m users on Vine, although it should be noted that Vine picked up all those users in just nine months.


Amazon, Barnes & Noble open new fronts against the iPad

Not too long ago, one could track the e-reader and tablet markets separately and have a legitimate reason to do so. It was clear that the Kindle, for instance, was not the iPad, and the iPad was not the Kindle.

But as technology evolves and hardware prices continue to fall, the differences between e-readers and tablets is shrinking and it appears that both markets are, for all intents and purposes, converging rapidly.

That makes for an interesting battle between Apple and, well, everyone else.


Will viewers really deal with seeing more ads in online video shows?

The more ads, the better. That seems to be the strategy for boosting online ad revenue for publishers of all kinds. First, the Online Publishers Association (OPA) decided that making ads bigger and bolder was one way to help boost publishers’ dwindling CPMs. Now, the TV networks are concluding that loading their online video shows with more ads is the best way to increase digital revenue.

It seems to fly in the face of common sense – after all, consumers have flocked to DVR because they can skip all of the ads hurled at them on broadcast TV or cable. Meanwhile, with shorter attention spans on the web, won’t more ads just make online viewers tune out? Research from the networks says no.

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Why big media always misunderstands Google

Google TV may be the search giant's most ambitious initiative yet, but its success is far from guaranteed. While the time seems right for television-internet convergence, making it happen is going to be hard work.

One of the biggest difficulties Google has with Google TV is getting content owners on board. Recently, a number of American television networks, namely ABC, CBS and NBC, blocked consumers from accessing video content on their websites through Google TV.

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Television networks light a fire under Nielsen with new measurement system

Television networks always want a clearer picture of American consumers — when they're watching television, where they are online and what they care about. The Nielsen Company, long the arbiter of television audience ratings, has started tracking viewership online, but the networks are dissatisfied with the company's methods for TV and aren't convinced that Nielsen will be able to track audience numbers elsewhere. They're ready to go it alone. 

As of this week, the major networks, together with some large advertisers and media agencies, are announcing plans to create their own measurement system.

Will that work? Probably not. But it can't hurt.


Television advertising can go wrong with online formats

Television networks have learned a few lessons from online advertising, but a new effort by Disney ignores the distinctions between the two media. According to AdAge today, ESPN and ABC are now testing advertising that will run above or below network shows during programming. 

The latest in the networks' efforts to combat commercial fast forwarding, this plan confuses intrusion for engagement.


ABC partners with Netflix to stream its backlog of shows

Netflix has been hard at work getting its content on as many platforms as possible. This week, they're starting to stream early seasons of ABC shows like "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives." There are also rumors of a Netflix app that will soon stream video content to the iPhone.

This is all great news for Netflix. But is it a winning situation for the networks? Yes.


ABC: web video viewers don't mind more ads

According to research conducted by American television network ABC and Nielsen Media Research, web video viewers aren't all that put off by the addition of multiple ads to each 'commercial break'.

With that, ABC looks poised to do something it has talked about the need for: boosting the amount of advertising shown with its online videos to bring online revenue in line with television revenue.