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The key to Facebook's ad targeting may not be Facebook data

If Facebook is to ever rival Google's dominance in the online advertising market, many believe that the world's largest social network will need to figure out how to take advantage of its treasure trove of user data.

That treasure trove includes significant amounts of personal information that users have provide about themselves, and it grows by the day as users upload and tag photos, share content with their friends and 'Like' brand Facebook Pages.


The pitfalls of melding offline and online marketing tactics

Many regulators and consumers aren't comfortable with the way marketers track people online. But offline companies have been culling personal information from consumers for years. And the two worlds are getting more comfortable working together. That could spell trouble for everyone.

Today The New York Times documents some of the tactics that marketers are using to get a better picture of consumer habits both online and off. Congress is currently investigating behavioral targeting practices online, but the privacy implications from melding the two spheres could be much worse.