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Skype attacks social networking in new ads

Skype may be the most popular consumer VOIP service in the world, but it faces numerous challenges, not the least of which is getting consumers to want to connect with their friends and family using voice.

So how can Skype convince consumers that there's still no more powerful and effective a way to communicate than with a phone call? The possible answer: remind the world that social networking and texting is a lame way to reach out and touch someone.


Yahoo's new ads promote Google, Facebook

Yahoo's new $100m advertising campaign has launched. It's multichannel and combines television, print, radio and digital. Online, chances are you've already come across some of Yahoo's ads. They're on a variety of popular websites and in many cases, they're very visible.

I ran into one on CBS Marketwatch and couldn't help notice: Yahoo is promoting GMail/Google and Facebook in a large rich media expansion ad unit.