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10 ways to get the most from PPC in a small-keyword category

How can search marketers maintain visibility and acquire new customers without simply increasing their paid search bids?

Competition is growing among home insurance brands vying for attention in Google’s search results. 

In this blog I’ve summarised the findings our new report that, while focusing in on home insurance as a category, demonstrates how search marketers operating in a highly-competitive category can achieve visibility and acquire new customers without simply increasing their paid search bids.

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Google's Ad Rank update leads to improved performance of PPC ad extensions

A paid search algorithm update by Google has led to an improvement in the performance of PPC adverts that include an ad extension.

But overall the new AdWords Ad Rank update actually caused a slight decline in ad performance.

The update, which was announced back in October, altered the way that Google determines the order of paid search ads by adding in a third variable alongside the maximum bid and quality score.

This new variable is the expected impact of ad extensions and formats, and it has apparently had a notable impact on PPC results. So in effect, the use of ad extensions and formats can now influence ad position in the SERP.

The elements that are considered when determining the potential impact of extensions and ad formats include relevance, click-through rates, and the prominence of extensions and results on the SERP.

The results of the study are summarised below, but firstly here's a run through of the ad extensions that Google takes into account.