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AddThis sharing trends: infographic

We've heard from Google, YouTube and eBay, even Facebook a few weeks back, but now it's the turn of AddThis to reveal its 'most shared' social networks, devices and topics.

Probably the best known of the 'sharing button' services, AddThis' infographic is based on over 11m downloads, 1.2bn users and spans 350 different services.


Five easy ways to make your business website more social

Social media is an increasingly important part of the internet. But many businesses are still trying to decipher what it's really all about and how it can relate to their bottom lines. Naturally, not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and throwing all their resources at Twitter, Facebook, et. al.

The truth is that for many businesses social media makes sense -- in moderate doses. If you're a small business owner, chances are you don't need to hire a full-time social media manager and the only thing social you're likely to get from social media experts is a lot of smooth-talk.