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LinkedIn woos marketers with launch of Ads API

When it comes to social networking, Facebook garners most of the attention. And for obvious reasons: Facebook is the largest social network in the world, accounts for the bulk of the spending on social ads, went public earlier this year in a record-breaking IPO and has had a volatile experience as a publicly-traded company.

LinkedIn is, by comparison, far less buzz-worthy. But don't let that fool you: the publicly-traded professional social network is valued at more than $10bn and its shares trade at a mind-boggling 695 times earnings -- a PE ratio five times that of Facebook shares.


Only 6% of UK advertisers fully invested in Facebook ads: report

Thanks to an audience consisting of more than 750m users, Facebook has grown into an online advertising powerhouse despite the fact that, for many advertisers, the efficacy of advertising on the site is still something of a question mark.

But even though major brands have flocked to the world's biggest social network, and the company's ads are now a billion-dollar business, a recent survey indicates that a very small percentage of advertisers is actually "fully on board" with Facebook ads.


Facebook launches Ads API

The efficacy of Facebook advertising may still be yet to be determined for many advertisers, but that hasn't stopped brands from pouring big money into ads on the social network. With more than 750m users, Facebook is simply too appealing a platform to ignore.

When it comes to scaling ad campaigns on the social network, however, advertisers have had limited options. But that could soon be changing.