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Google targets small, local businesses with Boost

Google is a big company, and it earns most of its money with its cash cow, AdWords. But in several key markets, Google hasn't yet fully realized its potential.

One of those: small, local businesses. If there's one thing we've learned from the rise of group buying online, it's that local businesses are eager to acquire new customers, and will go to great lengths in an attempt to do so, sometimes to their own detriment.


Will Google Instant harm AdWords and advertisers?

As many anticipated, Google launched major changes to the Google search experience yesterday. That, of course, set the blogosphere ablaze.

A big topic of debate: the impact of Google Instant on SEO. Not surprisingly, some believe that Instant is effectively the death of SEO. Such claims are typical when Google makes big changes, and as always, SEO will simply change -- not die. But that doesn't mean that Instant won't have a negative impact on Google's most valuable stakeholders: AdWords advertisers.


Parked domains: is Google wasting your money?

Parked domains are generally low quality resources, housing value-less directories or pages of AdSense ads. Why then is the proportion of AdWords spend that is going to these parked domains on the rise? 

Turning off this source of traffic in AdWords is possible, but hidden away. Therefore Google, as well as the domain owner, is using increasing amounts of your campaign budget on what appears to be low value traffic.   



Google AdWords' biggest spenders revealed

Google generates billions of dollars in revenue every quarter, and big brands are known to be some of the most prolific spenders.

But just how much are specific brands spending? That's not information that Google has publicly disclosed before, but AdAge claims to have obtained a document detailing just how much major brands spent in June.


Three reasons why you should use Google’s Display Network

Once an unloved and rather under-used feature of AdWords, the Google Display Network (GDN) has become the world’s number one ad network, reaching more than 80% of internet users worldwide.

So is it time to give the GDN another go?


Google pushing content network with new Ad Planner tutorial

Google is giving tutorials on how best to use the DoubleClick Ad Planner in a move to increase AdWords advertisers use of the content network.

The launch of Google's latest video tutorial may seem to be a push for increased spending on the content network, but additional help with targeting the right audience through this tool could prove valuable to both parties.


Google changes its trademark policy (again!)

Google has announced changes to the way in which it deals with trademarks and Google AdWords at a press conference this morning.

In a move which brings the UK in line with its US policy, advertisers will now be able to include trademarked words and phrases in their Google ads without the trademark owners permission.


Google: the search party ain't over

Are Google's best days behind it? The company may be one of the most recognized brands on the internet, and one of the most important technology companies in the world, but Google isn't quite growing like a weed anymore.

That gives analysts and pundits plenty of ammunition to ask whether Google's future is less bright than its past. Fortune is the latest publication to promote the notion that "the search party is over" for the Mountain View search giant.


Google tries to lure local businesses to Tags with free trial

Google is the internet's 800 pound gorilla when it comes to advertising, but that doesn't mean that it has exploited all of the areas for growth potential. A significant one: small, local businesses.

While many small businesses use AdWords, or have given it a spin, even more aren't using it. There are plenty of reasons why. Many small business owners find paid search challenging to set up and manage, and if not set up and managed properly, campaigns can be very costly and ineffective. One costly, ineffective campaign can potentially cost Google a customer for life.


Is digital advertising "lousy"? Not quite

Digital advertising is the best thing that ever happened to advertising industry, right? Not so according to Frederic Filloux in a piece that was published by the Washington Post this weekend.

Filloux cites two major problems: poor design, and the process by which online ads are bought and sold. With the former, he points to the popularity of ad blockers as evidence that online ads generally "act as repellents to readers." With the latter, Filloux notes that "most technology aspects of the advertising business have slipped out of the hands of those who were supposed to own them."


Gilt Groupe and Groupon avoid SEO, but maybe they shouldn't

Private sales and group buying are two of the hottest trends in ecommerce today, and two of the hottest companies in these markets are Gilt Groupe and Groupon.

Yesterday, my colleague Meghan Keane wrote about how companies like Gilt Groupe and Groupon were largely avoiding SEO. Somewhat interestingly, however, they're not avoiding paid search.


Marketers love Promoted Tweets, but why wouldn't they?

After years of speculation, Twitter recently launched an advertising platform of its own. After nearly two months in the wild, some of the marketers who jumped on board to use it first are speaking out.

What they're saying is not entirely surprising: Promoted Tweets are wonderful.