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5 ways affiliate traffic can leak

Caution - Leak DetectedIf I were to choose one most commonly recurring problem with websites that run affiliate programs it would be leaks. In brief, a leak is a path to an untrackable action that the end user may make bypassing the route that provides for an affiliate remuneration.

Affiliates are in this business to make money. They are also being remunerated for their marketing efforts only if an action (a sale, a lead submission, etc) takes place.

Every e-business that starts an affiliate program must become extremely sensitive to the fact that once the program goes live some of the traffic will be sent to the business' website by marketers who are paid on performance basis only. This should get translated into becoming respectful of affiliate marketers' efforts, and removing any possibilities for the visitors they refer to "leak" without completing the desired action.

There are 5 main types of leaks that merchants are prone to: