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What do customers need from after sales emails?

It’s the beginning of a new month, which obviously means I’ve just been paid, which in turn means I spent much of the weekend buying clothes online. 

While that fact in itself isn’t particularly fascinating, it’s worth discussing the varying email follow-ups from the three retailers that received my hard earned cash.

Schuh, Selfridges and Mango used slightly different automated messages that ranged from excellent to just plain adequate.

Read on to find out how they fared, or for more on this topic read my blog posts looking at after sales email best practice from ASOS and how Reiss used email to lure me into browsing its summer sale.


Effective ecommerce: five tips to improve the after-sales service

Perhaps the biggest drawback of online shopping is the time gap between purchasing and playing with goods.

Retailers need to do everything they can to make this after-sales period informative to build crucial customer loyalty.

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Aftersales email best practice from ASOS

Much of what we write about on the Econsultancy blog focuses on driving site traffic, improving the user experience and ultimately increasing conversions.

But if you want to make sure that people are happy with the overall sales experience and turn into repeat customers then aftersales care is equally important.

I recently made my first ever purchase from ASOS and was genuinely impressed by the level of email customer service I received while awaiting delivery.

Most e-commerce companies send confirmation emails, but with a few additional messages ASOS went beyond the level of customer service you would expect to receive and really improved my perception of the brand. As a result, I’ll definitely be shopping there again.

Here’s how ASOS does it...