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Social media management companies: are they worth it?

Are social media management companies worth it?

Although ‘horses for courses’ applies, I’m going to attempt to address this question with the help of a few brand case studies.

born to hack

10 benefits of agency hack days

They’ve been going on for a while now. They can represent project, product, PR and pitch.

What are the benefits of an agency hack day?

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Senior level employees have greater digital knowledge: stats

So, you think your manager is an idiot? Looks like you're wrong, as senior level employees have better digital knowledge than their juniors.

That’s according to preliminary averaged results from the Econsultancy Digital Skills Index, designed to test digital knowledge across marketing.

It seems that senior level digital employees can put their money where their mouths are as they scored higher than mid-level respondents, who in turn scored higher than junior respondents.

The average scores for each level of seniority were 67% for juniors, 72% for mid-levels and 74% for senior respondents.

The assessment will remain live and continue to hoover up data, so take the test if you’d like to benchmark your skills against those of your peers.

In this post I’ll reveal a few findings from the assessments so far and discuss them in light of the skills of the modern marketer (incidentally, the title of a new Econsultancy report in our Digital Transformation series).

If you're a vulcan, you can be objective.  The rest of us need to focus on communication.

Procurement: five ways to maximise communication

When you're buying, focus on opening up lines of communication, not on attemping to appear objective.

We’ve all been there, sat around a table talking to a series of vendors about how they’ll deliver our new site, or campaign, or brand.  

By the end of the day, we’ll be confused, up to our eyeballs in jargon, unable to remember quite who said what.

the soda report

The changing relationship between clients and agencies

What do clients want and value in their agency relationships? What level of digital sophistication can be seen client-side? How are clients transforming in the light of increasingly digital customer experiences?

These are the questions asked by the 2014 Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) Report and its Digital Marketing Outlook survey conducted in partnership with Econsultancy.

In this post I've rounded up some highlights from the report, looking at changes in the agency-client landscape.


Digital to marketing to business transformation

IBM recently announced a $100m investment in its Interactive Experience arm. Essentially this is IBM’s global digital agency.

At Econsultancy we are currently finalising our annual Top 100 UK Digital Agencies report. Without giving away too much you will see the likes of IBM, Deloitte Digital and Accenture Interactive ranking highly. 


Will your agency be in the Top 100 for 2014?

It's official - Econsultancy's Top 100 Digital Agencies report is now open for 2014 entries.

With the fee income from last year's agencies reaching a whopping £1.18bn, it will be interesting to see how the industry has developed within the last 12 months.

about us

19 examples of cringeworthy 'about us' agency copy

Here is a checklist you can hold against your agency’s ‘about us’ section. Don't worry, it is equal parts 'do' and 'don't'.

Make sure you weed out examples of the latter and add in some of the former and your copy should improve. This list is solely about the content of your copywriting, the words you choose, not the formatting or style.

If you wonder why I’m qualified to create such a checklist, I can only cite my personal and professional interests in writing. I haven’t worked for many clients or won any awards but I have doggedly scrolled through many agency websites.

I must say that my favourite, in the end, was e3, which forgoes an 'about us' section altogether, opting instead for a little piece of copy on the homepage.

However, there are lots of great 'about us' pages out there, and even some of the 'don'ts' I have gathered work well in context. That means having a great copywriter on your team is essential.

Aside from this checklist, other resources worth looking at include my post on building a personal brand, and Chris Lake’s oldie-but-goodie, the A-Z of online copywriting.

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Do you really need a search agency in 2014? Three reasons to bring it in-house

As we enter a new year, is it time you take a fresh approach?

Last year, through various tender processes, we at drastically reduced the amount of hours and spend we gave to search agencies (both PPC and SEO) and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you…

Pushfit cube percentage by LEOL30 on Flickr

PPC agency payment models: percentage of spend

This time last year I scrutinised a number of SEO agency payment models, concluding that many of the pricing structures and commercial arrangements offered by agencies are outdated in the context of today’s organic search landscape.

PPC is generally accepted as an ‘easier buy’ compared to SEO. However, you need only do a search on Google for ‘PPC services’ to be confronted with a baffling array of offers:


Why I hate webinars, and the importance of copywriting for UX

Webinars are annoying, ultimately, because we are designed for face to face communication. However, they are extremely useful if your colleagues and customers are ‘global’.

There are many annoying things about webinar tech, but most of them centre on UX. And central to UX is getting your language right.

Webex, as my chosen example, simply didn’t work with a good copywriter when laying out its back-end and webinar UI. I can’t speak for others such as Adobe Connect, as I haven’t used them myself.

I don’t think Webex is attempting to appear natty or complex, using slightly mystifying words or combinations of words. It’s just badly written.

Here are some examples:

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HTML5 / CSS3 logos

14 creative HTML5 websites built for digital agencies

If you run a digital agency, especially one that designs and builds websites, then what better way of showing off your talents than to build a wonderful website for your own company?

In the past couple of years many agencies have rebuilt and relaunched their websites using HTML5 and CSS3. The results can be eye-opening, highly engaging, and built to work on all kinds of devices.

It's not all good news though. Sometimes the use of HTML5 can be downright annoying: just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Does it matter that some of these websites take half a minute to load? Personally I think fast loading times really matter, but I've heard arguments that people are prepared to wait for certain types of website. You can decide for yourself. 

At any rate, there is plenty to admire here, and perhaps there is an acceptable trade off between optimal usability and the overall user / brand experience. Certainly it's always interesting to watch web design evolve, and agencies are naturally inclined to push the boundaries.

The following examples show what can be achieved, and mercifully not all of them are addicted to loading icons. Tuck in and see what you think.