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How brand marketers can improve their agency relationships

One of the key roles of brand marketers these days is to select and work with agency partners.

Yet how best to manage agency relationships is seldom discussed, leaving most client-side marketers to figure it out for themselves.


Forget the headlines, ad tech’s best days lie ahead

With recent, damaging claims that certain programmatic ads have had a role in unexpectedly helping to promote hate speech, and even worse, to fund terrorism, ad tech’s reputation has taken a real battering in the last few months.  


Top 100 Digital Agencies 2016: The ones to watch

Last week saw the publication of the 2016 edition of Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies Report.

A report which, by its nature, features the largest, most established and successful digital agencies in the UK, the Top 100 also features a number of the little guys.

These upstarts are potentially destined to be vying for the ranking’s top spots in the years to come.


Five challenges to building a search advertising agency for SMEs

The growth of the internet means digital advertising is now increasingly used by businesses of all sizes.

But it is particularly challenging building an agency that is focused on SME clients.

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12 Agency Traits

The secret sauce: 12 essential traits for a successful agency

All agencies operate in a competitive landscape, where despite key strengths and differentiation points, everyone broadly does the same job.

We offer similar services to clients, we have common skillsets, etc - so what makes an agency successful?

We asked The Agency Collective to speak to 12 agency owners, founders and directors about what essential traits an agency must have in order to be successful and build long and mutually beneficial relationships with their clients.


Top 100 UK digital agencies income reaches £1.48bn

Research from both Econsultancy and other sources consistently shows that marketing spend on digital in the UK continues to grow. 

With companies looking to provide the best experiences for their customers and fend off the competition, agencies have been pivotal in driving continuing success in this sector.

The Top 100 Digital Agencies Report, sponsored by Sitecore, ranks agencies according to fee income from their UK digital activities.

The total fee income reported by the top 100 agencies this year is £1.48bn,  23% higher than the fee income reported last year by those in the Top 100.


Will your agency be in the Top 100 for 2014?

It's official - Econsultancy's Top 100 Digital Agencies report is now open for 2014 entries.

With the fee income from last year's agencies reaching a whopping £1.18bn, it will be interesting to see how the industry has developed within the last 12 months.

about us

19 examples of cringeworthy 'about us' agency copy

Here is a checklist you can hold against your agency’s ‘about us’ section. Don't worry, it is equal parts 'do' and 'don't'.

Make sure you weed out examples of the latter and add in some of the former and your copy should improve. This list is solely about the content of your copywriting, the words you choose, not the formatting or style.

If you wonder why I’m qualified to create such a checklist, I can only cite my personal and professional interests in writing. I haven’t worked for many clients or won any awards but I have doggedly scrolled through many agency websites.

I must say that my favourite, in the end, was e3, which forgoes an 'about us' section altogether, opting instead for a little piece of copy on the homepage.

However, there are lots of great 'about us' pages out there, and even some of the 'don'ts' I have gathered work well in context. That means having a great copywriter on your team is essential.

Aside from this checklist, other resources worth looking at include my post on building a personal brand, and Chris Lake’s oldie-but-goodie, the A-Z of online copywriting.

Roots of a big tree

PPC agency payment models: fixed fee

Towards the end of last year, I started a series of posts digging into the mechanics of PPC agency pricing models.

The aim? To help buyers make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing a model that’s right for their business, whilst hopefully leading to some healthy debate amongst buyers and sellers alike.

If you haven’t already, check out the overview of percentage of spend and pay on performance models. And if you have, thank you for sticking with me. Here we go with the final post in the series, a look at fixed fee models.


PPC agency payment models: performance based

Following on from my last article exploring ‘percentage of spend’, I now turn my attention to ‘performance based’ agency models.

In essence, any paid search program should be performance based i.e. the agency and client should agree the strategy, objectives and KPIs, of which the agency will then be measured against.

The distinction in this instance is when the remuneration of the agency is directly linked to the financial performance of the paid search campaign.


The nuts and bolts of programmatic marketing (part three)

My last post covering the mechanics that underpin programmatic media provoked some interesting questions.

In particular, the following comment...

Colston Hall

Reflections on building a new arts website

This week, we’ve been singing the praises of Colston Hall’s new website (it’s a concert hall in Bristol, England).

We’re not going to gush any more, but we thought our readership might be interested to hear from agency and client, as to the process of redesign. What were the hopes, fears, successes, failures? How did the tender process go down? What happens next?

Attempting to answer some of these questions, I’ve been talking to Carly Heath, Marketing and Press Officer at Colston Hall, and Graeme Swinton, Creative Director at Palace.