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Cash is still the most popular way to pay, for now

It’s very easy to spend the day in London and assume we are now fully entering into a 'cashless society’.

Yesterday I used my contactless debit card to pay for everything I needed in the city: the tube, an unreasonably priced coffee, lunch, an unreasonably priced round of drinks, a tipsy purchase of some blu-rays I won’t actually watch.

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Alternative payments used for 43% of online transactions: report

Alternative payments only account for a small proportion of ecommerce transactions in the US and UK, however methods such as e-wallets, direct debits and cash on delivery continue to show strong growth in other regions.

Therefore it’s a feature that businesses can't ignore, particularly at a time when many e-tailers are seeking to expand into international markets.

A new report from WorldPay highlights the way in which the use of alternative payments (AP) differs across global markets, with PayPal shown to be the most popular AP method globally, though Chinese companies Alipay and Tenpay are also popular and growing at a faster rate.

It’s estimated that alternative payments accounted for 43% of all online transactions in 2012, a figure that is predicted to rise to 59% by 2017 (though predictions should always be treated with some scepticism).

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Back up bro! Does anyone really want smartphone NFC?

Alternative payment methods are pretty much the hottest topic around, and last week EE previewed its new NFC smartphone wallet. Retailers, however, are pretty adamant NFC wallets are not worth their time.

At the same time, marketers are still plugging away with new advertising campaigns using NFC technology to deliver content. Is this anything other than a fad?

In this post I look at the uses of NFC, assess some recent campaigns, and ponder what the future holds. (Major hat tip to NFC World, where I found a bunch of the campaign info).


Alternative payments used in 11% of online purchases in the UK

Alternative payments such as digital wallets and direct debits are set to overtake credit card payments as the predominant payment method in e-commerce, according to stats from WorldPay.

WorldPay's new study, 'Optimising Your Alternative Payments', found that while credit and debit cards are the most common form of payment in the UK and US, in other European and emerging nations the use of alternative payments (APs) is growing rapidly.

APs are defined as anything other than credit or debit card payments.

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Should retailers accept cash payments online?

Providing alternative payment options can be a useful tactic for online retailers to appeal to as many buyers as possible, and many now offer PayPal along with credit and debit card payments.

For some retailers looking to cater for as many shoppers as possible, there is also the option of cash payments. Is this a tactic worth pursuing for online retailers? 


Kiddicare allows shoppers to pay by cash

Baby products retailer Kiddicare, has recently introduced the option of cash payments on its website, by buying a voucher and entering the voucher number during the checkout process.

The vouchers will be available to purchase from more than 21,000 PayPoint outlets which includes many local shops and petrol stations. According to the retailer, this alternative payment method has been introduced as a result of customer demand.