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Six key tactics for alternative search engine marketing

search-engine-logosWhether you’re a copywriter, marketer or fully fledged SEO ninja, the chances are that your optimisation will be primarily focused on the larger search engines.

More people use Google and Bing, so they’ll be your primary sources of revenueHowever, there comes a time in every campaign's life when results level off. At times like this it’s worth taking time to consider other search engines.

There’s is no shortage of them available, and while they don’t have quite the same audience share, they can still provide you with a healthy traffic boost.


Ten alternative search engines

Did anyone notice Google crashed for a few minutes yesterday?  More to the point, if you experienced it, did you just throw up your hands in despair and wander off to make a cup of tea, or did you use another search engine to find what you were looking for?

This highlights the issue that’s being hotly debated within search teams across the UK, if not the world: Can anyone challenge Google? Although that in itself is a different blog-post, I’ve quickly thrown together a list of some nifty alternatives to the search engine giant.