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How to replace Google Alerts for superior competitor analysis

If you work in search, PR or content marketing, you may have experienced an alarming drop off in Google Alerts recently.

Search pioneers and industry specific verticals that rely heavily on tracking competitors via Google Alerts have recently noticed the feed slow to a trickle of what it used to be, but the show must go on!

So, here are some ingenious alternatives from the experts to keep you plugged in.


Top ten iPad alternatives

iPadThe iPad's been around for a while now, and although reviews have generally been positive, their are a few Flash and USB-shaped tweaks that many consumers are clamouring for.

Luckily, every electronics company worth their salt has decided to ignore Steve Jobs’ recent disparaging comments and are currently rushing out hundreds of slate computing options in the hope of slicing off a piece of the sure-to-be-massive tablet computing pie.

With so many quirkily named Korean imports doing the rounds, we decided it was time to have a look through the top options and see how they shape up, and if they could be responsible for the iPad’s recent poor market performance.

 Just in time for Christmas, here are my top ten alternative tablet options: