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1.2m Kindles given as gifts this Christmas

Roughly 1.2m Kindles were given as gifts this Christmas, according to data from YouGov, meaning that one in every 40 British adults either gave or received Amazon’s e-reader as a present.

In total 1.33m e-readers were given away, with Kindles swallowing up 92% of the market share.

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The future of e-readers: A cheap Kindle is a sold out Kindle

Amazon has seen great success with the Kindle. And last week, the company dropped the cost of its e-reader once again. And saw the new Kindle sell out over the weekend.

Strong sales of e-readers have showen that people want to read books on a digital device. And considering that Amazon is a marketplace for books, dropping the price of its reader paves the way for the company to be the one bringing in those book sales.