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Hollywood's response to digital disruption looks like a flop

Digital disruption has been felt in Hollywood, and even if it's not all doom and gloom as some old media skeptics suggest, there's no doubt that Hollywood firms have been forced to rethink how they create and sell their content.

But some of the latest moves Hollywood players are reportedly considering as they address the changing media landscape beg the question: is Hollywood totally missing the plot?

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How did AMC's Mad Men Yourself get everywhere?

AMC's "Mad Men" has come a long way since suspending the Twitter accounts of fans who were tweeting from the perspective of the show's characters. In the lead up to the third season of the show, "Mad Men Yourself" avatars were an unavoidable presence in social media and elsewhere online.

Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus, led the campaign and spoke at the Social Ad Summit today in New York about how the campaign came together and exactly how much traction it received.