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H&M and Best Buy sign up to American Express Twitter discounts

American Express is offering its customers the chance to earn money off a selection of goods by tweeting special offer hashtags from retailers.

Amex cardholders in the US can connect their account to their Twitter profile, and a coupon will be 'loaded' onto the card if they compose a tweet including one of the hashtags.

When the customer redeems an offer, the discount will be applied within their next card statement.

Retailers including Best Buy, McDonald’s, Whole Foods Market and H&M have already signed up to the programme, which is built around American Express' Smart Offer APIs.


What is social TV? Not Google TV or YouTube says NBC rep

Social TV is going to change the way we interact with everything. If you don’t think it’s coming, you're going to be in for a bumpy ride.

Contrary to popular opinion, NBC's Senior VP of Digital Jesse Redniss stated "GoogleTV is not social TV." He put YouTube in the same category as in his opinion they are mostly ways to highlight videos and consume content.

So what is social TV?


Q&A: Scott Roen of American Express OPEN on community

Scott Roen is vice president of digital marketing for the award-winning American Express OPEN Forum, which was established to position the financial service provider at the center of small business relationships.

We talked with Roen about how AmEx took its offline learning to develop the online community and what has been discovered about driving engagement. 


Will American Express, Zynga deal be a virtual rewards game-changer?

American Express credit cardGot points? Starting today, you can redeem them for virtual items like cows in FarmVille or guns in Mafia Wars. In a first-of-its kind deal, American Express has teamed with game-maker Zynga to make its credit card rewards redeemable for virtual goods.  

It’s the latest example of gamification – or the introduction of game elements into non-game activities. There are reasons this commerce and gaming partnership works for AmEx and Zynga, but the deal could have implications for other companies’ reward programs as well.


Q&A: Mary Ann Reilly on American Express' plans beyond payments

OPEN Forum, American Express's community platform for small businesses, has been widely praised. The site focuses on spreading news and information among small business owners, even if they're not American Express customers. This year, the company is working on more initiatives that go "beyond payments."

I caught up with AmEx SVP Mary Ann Reilly to talk about the company's 2010 plans and how digital and mobile is changing the way AmEx does business.

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AmEx gets social for the US Open

That many brands are cutting back on print advertising is no secret. And it's no secret that more and more of them are focusing their efforts on digitally-oriented campaigns.

In many cases, such campaigns make a lot of sense. While print can still be a valuable medium in a marketer's toolbox, it's often expensive and depending on a campaign's needs, diverting cash and resources to the internet may provide more bang for the buck.

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The marketing is the message

Welcome to the new blogvertorial. Last week Gawker launched a new blog called BloodCopy, "the blog about vampires by a vampire." Except this site dedicated to all things vampiric is not a Gawker property, it's an ad campaign for the HBO show True Blood.

The copy on the site is not marked as advertising, and is written from the point of view of a vampire. Entries from the blog will be syndicated to Gawker's Media's eight properties, including Jezebel, Gizmodo, and Kotaku. The posts will have a gray border, but look otherwise just like Gawker posts written by staff members (save for the vampire obsession).

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