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Q&A: Steve Snyder of Frontier Airlines on the challenges of social media

In November, blogger Andrew Hyde tried to fly standby on Frontier Airilnes. Instead, he got delayed for six hours and began a customer service Twitter feed for the brand and wrote an angry blog post about the company's customer service. Steve Snyder from Frontier's communications department responded, and I wrote a post about what Frontier was missing out on by not getting into the space from a customer service angle.

Our tech reporter Patricio Robles then wrote a follow up post about risk management in soclal media, and this week I spoke with Steve Snyder to get his side of the story, to see what Frontier is doing in the social media space, and the problems with assuming that companies need to use Twitter for customer service purposes.


Social media and risk management

Last week, our US Editor, Meghan Keane, wrote about Andrew Hyde. Hyde is a blogger and self-described "startup enthusiast".

A bad experience with Frontier Airlines has apparently turned him into the internet's most vocal critic of the company. He set up @frontierair on Twitter and has even created a dedicated website to aggregate complaints about the airline. According to Hyde, Frontier Airlines is ignoring social media, and that's a bad thing.