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Groupon bets the farm on its email list

Groupon may be one of the hottest consumer internet startups ever, but its credibility in the tech community has fallen substantially in recent months on the heels of the company's IPO filing.

The reason: to many, Groupon's financials look downright questionable, leading some to question whether it's a company built in the mold of .com failures that imploded little more than a decade ago or worse -- a Ponzi scheme.


Q&A: Groupon's Andrew Mason

Groupon is a group-based social e-commerce buying service that launched last year. While many retailers are struggling to survive in this economy, Groupon has seen exponential growth.

With $4.8 million in funding from New Enterprise Associates and $1 million from an angel investor, Groupon reached profitability in June. 

The company offers daily deals on a variety of services offered from different retailers. Groupon. The savings are group focused — if enough people sign up for an offer, everyone gets the deal. If there aren’t enough people, no one gets it. Groupon collects payment and passes it on, minus their fee, to the business.

Today the company announced $30 million in series B funding that included new investor Accel Partners. I caught up with Andrew Mason, Groupon's founder, to talk about what sets his company apart from traditional coupon sites, how the company came about and what's up next at Groupon.