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Eight things the 'startup establishment' doesn't tell entrepreneurs

In response to Jason Calacanis’ war on individuals and organizations who charge entrepreneurs money to pitch their startups to investors, I made the point that the biggest scam perpetrated on entrepreneurs is the promotion of the idea that raising money from professional investors is something entrepreneurs should do if they want to be successful.

The truth of the matter is that angels and VCs are great, if you’re a member of the ‘startup establishment’, as Calacanis is.


Jason Calacanis sticks up for 'poor' entrepreneurs but is the effort misguided?

Jason Calacanis has declared war on organizations that charge entrepreneurs to pitch investors on their startups. With "boiling blood", he used a post on his blog this weekend to shame these organizations and to threaten them with extinction.

Singled out: a number of groups, including the well-known Keiretsu Forum. All of which charge entrepreneurs fees to present their businesses to "rich angel investors" who Calacanis believes are exploiting "poor" entrepreneurs.


Five ways to finance your new business

Starting a new business isn't cheap. Even on the internet, I've seen more than a few entrepreneurs experience surprise when they start to realize how much it costs to get a venture off the ground.

Making sure your new business is well-capitalized is an important part of achieving success. For that reason, it's important to ask the question: how much do I really need and where am I going to get it?


Wigadoo to close as European funding market flatlines

Bad luck to Andy Cockburn and the Wigadoo team, following the news that it is closing down. 

I really liked the Wigadoo model, and so did the likes of Brent Hoberman, who backed it. Wigadoo basically helped people to go Dutch online, for group outings such as events. So rather than having one person pay for four tickets, each person could chip into a central pot. 

Simply put, the company ran out of time and money, and the appetite from the investment community wasn’t there to issue a new round of funding to take the business forward.