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Five brands using crowdsourcing for product and marketing ideas

During a recent discussion about a colleague’s obsession with Lego I was informed of the toymaker’s forays into crowdsourcing new product ideas.

This isn’t a particularly new tactic and I’ve flagged up examples of crowdsourcing in the past, but it’s a topic that’s worth revisiting as more brands get on board.

So in order to inspire your own campaigns or product development, here are five other brands using crowdsourcing...

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Kiss brings hope for online music sales — through livestreaming, games and merchandizing

Lady Gaga may have only earned $167 for 1 million plays of her Pokerface on Spotify this year, but there are still ways for musicians to make money from their music online. The workhorse for the music industry has long been live shows, with concerts bringing performance earnings as well as providing marketplaces for sponsorships and promotional items like tshirts, CDs and posters. As Kiss' recent live UStream concert showed, there are a lot of people poised to make money from bands online. 

As AdAge puts it: "It turns out giving a concert away online is a pretty good way to sell beer and video games."

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Agency IOUs: Big brands wimp out on payments

wimpyI will gladly pay you Tuesday for an advertisement today.  Well, make that four months from Tuesday. That's no problem, is it?

As the Feds bail out the banks, the advertisers have apparently decided their agencies are banks. At least, that's how they're treating them when it comes to payment terms. Both the Wall Street Journal and Ad Age are taking a long, hard look at the story today.

It seems many agencies are willing to go along with advertising on the installment plan, forced on agencies by enormo brands such as GM and Anheuser-Busch.  Reportedly, GM, whose brand portfolio includes Cadillac, Buick and Pontiac, has offered to pay ad production firms half a TV spot's production costs 60 days after the first day of shooting, and the remaining half when the ad is finished.


Nipped in the Bud.TV

bud.tvThe beer run ran its course, but it was an interesting - not to mention expensive - experiment.  Anheuser-Busch has finally pulled the plug on Bud.TV, the online beer video destination featuring original humor content.

The announcement follows on the heels of news that Adidas plans a very similiar venture.

Launched to great fanfare and media attention just after the 2007 Super Bowl, at a cost of some $15M, Bud.TV featured an unbranded mix of humor and reality original content targeting just who you'd think: a young male demographic.  Anheuser-Busch had hoped for upwards of 2M unique visitors per month, but a cumbersome registration process, intended to weed out underage traffic, proved a formidable stumbling block. All too often, legal age visitors were blocked by the process.