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How are retailers optimising for tablet shoppers?

We've all seen the stats showing how tablet (mainly iPad) shoppers are spending more, converting at a rate similar to desktop, viewing more ads, and so on. 

For various reasons, the correlation between tablet ownership and disposable income being the most obvious, tablet shoppers are very valuable customers for online retailers. 

Despite this, there are very few examples of sites that have optimised for tablets, though a few brands have done so. 

I've been looking at the tablet optimised versions of eBay, Blackberry and Staples (all US sites). 


Mobile traffic on e-commerce sites doubles in nine months

Mobile visits to e-commerce sites continue to grow, with mobile now accounting for 20.8% of visits to Screen Pages' clients' websites. 

The e-commerce agency studied traffic to 13 websites, with more than 500,000 visits for the month of June. 

The stats also show the value of tablet / iPad customers to premium and luxury online retailers.


For travel, paid search works but email can be a drag: report

It may not be the sexiest digital marketing tool, but email can be a powerful driver of business on today's internet -- big business.

Travel firms using email, however, may want to reconsider their use of email marketing following a study conducted by digital marketing solutions vendor IgnitionOne which looked at the impact of exposure type and sequence on the the effectiveness of cross-channel digital marketing campaigns.


How tablet shoppers are changing e-commerce [infographic]

Traffic to e-commerce sites from tablets (mainly iPads) has increased by 348% year on year, and is set to rise further, with sales of tablets predicted to reach 119m in 2012. 

This infographic from Monetate looks at some of they key stats, and the importance of what it calls 'couch commerce' 


Tablet stats: iPad still rules, but the competition is catching up

8% of the UK population now owns a tablet, which equates to roughly 3m users, according to stats from YouGov. 

The stats show Apple's dominance of this market with the iPad, but also that other tablets are beginning to catch up. The iPad's market share has slipped from 75% to 71% between Q1 and Q2 2012. 


Tablets and the need for speed

The importance of fast load times in an online retail environment has been proven time and time again. Online, a shopper’s time literally equates to money.

Now, the research from our recent mobile study shows that it’s a shopper’s time on tablets that should be the focus on your website optimisation initiatives.

In the UK, 82% of mobile purchases are made on the iPad.


The high street is central to multichannel retail strategy: stats

The UK's shoppers are adopting mobile and tablets, yet the high street remains central to the research and purchase process.

87% of survey respondents using a store as part of the purchase journey in the past month, though high prices, crowds, and the time taken are seen as drawbacks. 

The stats come from Shoppercentric's 'Shopping in a Multichannel World' survey, and the results show that customers are using a wide variety of channels. 

Mary Portas may have managed to produce a retail review containing just three references to digital, but online and mobile is vital for the future of the high street. 


Why you need a tablet strategy in 2012

For the last six years, we have carried out an Online Future Shopping Index survey straight after Christmas, to determine whether people plan to spend more or less the following year.

Each year we make a prediction based on the results and I’m happy to say that once again last year’s prediction was pretty much spot on!

We predicted 12% to 17% growth in online sales during Christmas 2011; the actual figure, reported by the IMRG in January was 16.5%.


Tablet shoppers spend 21% more than other consumers

Tablet visitors to e-commerce sites spend 20% more than desktop shoppers, and twice as much as those using smartphones, according to a new report. 

Adobe's Digital Marketing Insights report takes its data from 16.5bn visits to more than 150 retailers last year, and shows that AOVs from tablets are higher than from other devices. 

It also suggests that retailers should consider optimising the experience for tablet users.