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Online shopping: China leads the pack in the Asia-Pacific region

It seems China has some of the keenest online shoppers in the Asia-Pacific region, with Chinese consumers more likely purchase online than any other APAC country.

A new Mastercard study measured consumers’ tendencies to shop online between November and December 2012 and found that Chinese internet users shop online the most, registering a score of 102 on Mastercard’s Index for 2012, a figure that is up four points on the year prior.

According to the report, one of the main reasons for this rise in online shopping popularity in China is due to increased consumer confidence. Of those surveyed, only 21.4% felt unsecure when shopping online, down from 32.8% in 2011 and 35.3% in 2010.


New report: the four pillars of agency maturity in APAC

Econsultancy has released a new report entitled The Progression of Agency Value in APAC: Developing a Model for Agency Maturity in a Digital World.

The report, sponsored by Adobe, details the challenges faced by agencies within the region, in particular its diversity, the struggle clients face in choosing supply-side offerings, a fragmenting customer landscape and a lack of suitable talent.

While this is countered by the huge opportunities present within a huge and digitalising region, the report states that agencies which fail to address these challenges are unlikely to succeed in the long term.

The research, which focuses on the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, is a follow-up to the first Progression of Agency Value report written by Neil Perkin and published in 2012.


Ten digital marketing trends emerging across APAC

The digital scene across the Asia-Pacific region is already booming, but industry experts are also predicting that APAC businesses will begin to rethink their current digital plans this year, finding alternative ways to enhance their online offerings to better appeal to consumers.

But what else is expected to happen across the region this year?


State of digital marketing in Asia-Pacific [Infographic]

Adobe and the CMO Council recently released their Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012 report, which highlights the state of digital marketing in the Asia-Pacific region.

Unfortunately the report found that while interest in digital marketing is high, many countries are lagging behind when it comes to ROI metrics, talent and digital strategies.


Low budgets and lack of talent leaves Asia-Pacific lagging in digital marketing

Things aren’t looking great across the Asia-Pacific region in terms of digital marketing as new figures indicate that marketers in APAC may be lagging behind when it comes to ROI metrics, talent and digital strategies.

These findings come from a new report called Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012, which was conducted by Adobe and the CMO Council.

The report was constructed from the results of an online survey that was taken by 295 senior marketers in Asia-Pacific, including marketers from Toyota, 20th Century Fox, Tupperware, Citi Group, Nokia and Yahoo.


South Korea and Malaysia show impressive digital growth

This month some of the most interesting data to make it into our Internet Statistics Compendium came from Asia-Pacific countries.

In particular, mobile can be seen to be having a big impact in South Korea and Malaysia, and there has been significant news elsewhere in the region also.

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