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The logic of data verses the irrational human

Data harvested for political campaigns or brands can be both seductive and overwhelming. 

Joel Benenson, the lead pollster for President Obama's campaign & founding partner of Benenson Strategy Group, gave today's midday keynote speech at the ARF Audience Measurement 7.0 Summit in New York on how we need to look at what data we need rather than how much we can have.

The most important point Benenson stressed is that we must not allow advances in measurement, that provides us with more and more data, to obscure our insights of human decision making.


Why are marketers neutral on net neutrality?

It seems all anyone's talking about in terms of online policy these days is Facebook's privacy kerfluffle. Which is kind of a big deal, but small potatoes, really, when compared to the really big, burning, important issue of the day: net neutrality.

This critical issue may not be at the forefront of news, opinion columns and debate in the media, but the fact that digital marketers and e-commerce providers are ignoring it is as baffling as it is inexcusable. The major broadband providers: Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner want to tax content providers. They want to determine what sites their subscribers can access, and how quickly - giving priority, of course, to their own products and services.


ARF: When it comes to tracking consumer sentiment, online surveys are not dead yet

There are more ways than ever to listen to consumers in the digital age, but some brands find the additional feedback to be more noisy than informative. And according to a new study by the Advertising Research Foundation, many don't want to spend the money on something they don't always find rewarding.

Thanks to Twitter, other social media and the internet generally, companies are able to get more up to the minute information from their customers than ever before. But according to ARF, social media monitoring has not advanced consumer research to the point where companies should start abandoning the good old survey. 


Signals split for online video

videoJust as the industry is getting used to the terms and conditions of "online video" it's time to split it up. Online video is headed for three distinct executions: online spots, email video, and online programming.

The evidence for this comes from several sources, most notably Goodmail's CertifiedVideo, which bowed this week. CertifiedVideo jumped the gate with AOL and Yahoo aboard and many entertainment brands carrying promotions as part of their email campaigns. It also became apparent at the ARF conference this week, that online video needs to be more closely defined.