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Guilting customers to pay is not a sustainable business model

The recession and weak ad market have led many well regarded businesses to ask their customers to reach into their pockets and pay a little (or more) money to their cause. But guilting users into opening their wallets is not a long term fix.

This week, Ars Technica CEO Ken Fisher conducted an experiment with ad blocking software, in efforts to get readers to start interacting with the ads on his site. My colleague Patricio Robles has written about the mixed reaction to Ars Technica's plea. But now it turns out that Fisher's efforts have helped the site's bottom line. 


Is ad blocking really devastating to the sites you love?

Ken Fisher, the founder and editor-in-chief of popular online tech publisher Ars Technica has a message to readers who use ad blockers: you're killing us.

In an effort to defeat ad blockers, last Friday Ars experimented with a technique designed to prevent Ars readers with ad blockers from viewing Ars content. According to Fisher, the experiment was a success "technologically" but not surprisingly, a "mixed bag" socially.


Another popular tech blog embraces paid content

There's a lot of talk about newspapers charging for their content online but quietly, something interesting is happening: the very blogs that are usually associated with 'free' are dipping their toes in the waters of paid content.

In the tech blogosphere, TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb sell reports. GigaOm has a subscription service. Add to that list Ars Technica, which has launched a new subscription service dubbed Ars Premier 2.0.