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Paying bloggers for positive reviews: is it common and is it right?

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) published a memo last week reiterating its rules on using blogs for advertising after receiving a growing number of queries from bloggers on whether they can accept payment from brands.

Apparently some in the blogging community have raised concerns about PR agencies offering them money to advertise on their behalf while encouraging them not to declare that they’re doing so.

Blogger outreach is an important part of digital marketing as it’s an effective way of getting influential people to speak about a brand or product, as well as earning links that help with SEO.

However if a blogger is paid to write a positive review about a product or service then they have to make it absolutely clear that the content is an advert rather than a normal article.


Cheggers gets wrists slapped by ASA for promo tweets

In the latest high-profile case of Twitter celebrities getting their wrists slapped by the ASA, Keith Chegwin has been sent to the virtual naughty step for not disclosing a promoted tweet he posted some time ago.

The tweet in question, posted at an unspecified time last year (and now deleted), suggested to Chegwin's followers that they might like to visit a certain gambling website which he was the face of.

I won't mention their names here, as I'm sure they're getting plenty of SEO value from the coverage they're already getting.

Either way though, by posting his tweet without using an ASA-approved hashtag such as #ad or #spon, Cheggers broke one of the ASA's golden rules.

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ASA forces TripAdvisor to stop claiming its reviews are 'trusted'

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered TripAdvisor to rewrite some of its marketing messages in response to a complaint from online reputation company KwikChex and two hotels that claim to represent hundred of others.

The complaint was first made last September, and the site at that time removed the slogan “reviews you can trust” from its hotel listings and replaced it with “reviews from our community”. Now, all of the changes enforced by the ASA have been made.


Groupon to be investigated by Office of Fair Trading

Groupon is to be investigated by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) after the company was found to have breached UK advertising regulations 48 times in less than a year.

The company has been referred to the OFT by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the first business since Ryanair got into hot water back during 2008’s price war with easyJet.

Most recently, the ASA banned a promotion for cosmetic surgery, stating that it "pressured" consumers into making potentially life-changing decisions in just a few hours.


Three months in: the new Cap Code and online business

Anyone in the online marketing space from large, million-pound retail sites to a retired teacher who sells animal portraits are subject to new and changing regulations, updates and directives.

The responsibility to understand these new regulations now falls not just on those marketing online, you now just have to be online.

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The Cap Code and social media: the experts' view

The expansion of the ASA's Cap Code came into effect yesterday, and the new rules cover not only paid advertising, but marketing messages on brands' own websites as well as communications on social media sites. 

The new code does raise a number of potential questions for brands and marketers, so I've been asking a number of industry experts for their views on the changes. 


The ASA will investigate SEO practices

The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has a wide remit. In March 2011 this remit further expands, with backing from Google, to look at claims and sales practises on websites. It’s already possible for the ASA to investigate PPC campaigns.