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Barry Diller: "you can’t compete head on with Google"

Will any company ever be able to compete effectively against Google in the search market? Microsoft is trying, and spending a lot of money in doing so.

But Steve Ballmer might want to have a chat with IAC's Barry Diller. That's because Diller, who spent close to $2bn buying in the belief that it might one day compete with Google, has come to the conclusion that Google just can't be beat in search.


Competitors beware: Innovation in search benefits Google

Microsoft's new search engine Bing has been making waves in the search market, adding new features and slowly chipping away at Google's established search dominance. But smaller search engines have an uphill battle when it comes to toppling Google in search.

As's Barry Diller pointed out today, innovation in search often works toward Google's advantage. Regardless of whether Google does the innovating.

12 comments jumps on the bargain hunting bandwagon

Everyone loves a deal and that's especially true when times are tough. So it's no surprise that bargain hunting online has become an even more popular pastime for consumers. From coupon sites to cashback sites, consumers looking to spend money have plenty of ways to get more bang for the buck.

Helping them get that bang for the buck is something naturally suited to search engines. And is joining the fray with a new service called Ask Deals.

1 comment gets returns from NASCAR advertising

Microsoft's new search engine Bing has been aggressively trying to scrape away at Google's search dominance with a $100 million advertising campaign, but has found traction betting a smaller ad budget on the racetrack.

Since last December, Ask has put nearly all of its marketing resources into NASCAR sponsorships and events. And early returns show that the strategy appears to be working.

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