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Ask the experts: Black Friday ecommerce strategy

What do retailers need to consider ahead of Black Friday?

We ask the experts about strategy, search, content and more. Thanks go to Dan Barker, James Gurd, Stuart Rex and Guy Levine.


What do Google's new AdWords Enhanced Campaigns mean for marketers?

Yesterday evening Google published a blog post that unveiled Enhanced Campaigns - one of the biggest changes to AdWords in years.

It means that advertisers will be able to target people based on the time of day, their location and the device they are using.

The idea is to simplify AdWords by allowing users to manage their campaigns in one place, but it also means that advertisers no longer have the ability to run mobile-only campaigns.

To find out more about the new Enhanced Campaigns, I asked several search experts for their views...


Is Google abusing its position with credit card comparison?

Google has announced that it is launching a price comparison service offering information on credit cards and bank accounts ahead of the natural search listings.

While Google’s price comparison service comes below the paid links, it includes images that make it more eye-catching than normal PPC ads.

This puts it in direct competition with high-spending advertisers such as and

This is not the first time Google has gone up against its advertisers. In December it began promoting its own hotel finder above paid links.


Is it too late to save Friends Reunited?

Friends Reunited, the site best known for reuniting old school friends, is preparing itself for a relaunch.

This time, it’s positioning itself as the home of nostalgia online, celebrating “EVERY blast from the past” with a campaign that uses the phrase “Remember when?” to draw people in.

The new site is due to launch in the next few weeks, and encourages you to search for anything you can remember. You can "find, collect and share the memories you love with the people that were there too".


Twitter acquires Posterous: the experts' view

Twitter this week announced the acquisition of blogging platform Posterous.

As with other similar deals, such as the Facebook takeover of Gowalla, the exact details have been kept secret, though Posterous’s team said they "couldn't be happier" with the move.

So what is the exact motivation behind the buyout and what does Twitter want with Posterous’ team and tech?