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AOL's CEO wants to cure journalism's technophobia

AOL's CEO Tim Armstrong has been at the company for over a year now. As he readily admits, AOL has a long way to go before it will be able to stop depending on its slowly depleting dial-up revenues. But on stage at CMSummit in New York on Tuesday, Armstrong highlighted a key point of his strategy. Journalism is technologically challenged. AOL's trying to change that.


Q&A: Patrick Keane on Associated Content's approach to publishing and the death of engagement

For major publishers, covering real-time and local information is increasingly a struggle. As budgets and bureaus shrink, publications are competing with never ending updates from social media and young upstart news sites on increasingly stretched resources.

Associated Content is one of those crowd sourced news organizations that often strike fear in the hearts of traditional publishers. Rather than funding huge newsrooms around the country, Associated Content that lets anyone publish content and try to make money off off of it. The network taps into a growing cadre of citizen journalists and professional writers who want to have their voices heard.

Revenues have grown 100% year over year, for the last five years. Patrick Keane has been CEO for the past year, and seen the company's roster  grow to over 300,000 registered contributors. Those writers publish about 10,000 new pieces of content weekly.

Keane (who is not related to me) came from Google, and brings a data driven approach to content to his new company. It shows in their approach to publishing. Rather than relying on brand to promote their content, Associated Content finds readers through searchers interested in specific topics. According to Comscore, they have 16 million unique visitors monthly, and 90% come through search.

If that's not enough to make other publishers who depend on their trusted brands nervous, articles like Keane's AdWeek piece — The Case Against Engagement — are sure to do it. But Keane doesn't see Associated Content as a competitor — or threat — to traditional news media. I caught up with him to find out why.