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Did Samsung fake Tab video testimonials?

With the iPad, Apple has a significant lead in the market for tablet computing. But companies like Samsung aren't prepared to cede the market to Apple.

Samsung's would-be iPad killer is the Android-based Galaxy Tab, which debuted late last year. It hasn't dethroned the iPad, but Samsung is launching a 10.1" version of the Tab later this year that sports a faster processor and the Android Honeycomb OS.


Irony 2.0: controversial online reputation startup caught astroturfing

Last week, I wrote about Unvarnished, the 'Yelp for people' startup that has sparked a decent amount of controversy since publicly launching a private beta. In my post on the company, I echoed the sentiments of a good number of fellow bloggers and suggested that Unvarnished "may be 2010's worst startup."

Unvarnished's co-founder, Peter Kazanjy, left a comment on my post, which was shortly thereafter followed by an interesting comment from a fellow going by the name of "Mike."