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Amazon goes 'microsite' to sell mobile phones

Amazon is expanding its e-commerce empire. Although the online retailer has been selling mobile phones for years, it has launched AmazonWireless to serve the market in a more finely-tailored fashion.

AmazonWireless, which is in beta, is essentially the online retail equivalent of a 'microsite' and is quite simply designed to provide a one-stop shopping experience for US consumers looking for a new cell phone or service plan.


Why AT&T cares more about new iPhone users than existing ones

The new iPhone will be released on June 19th, and while data upgrades, new features and lower costs makes the product attractive to new users, current iPhone owners may experience sticker shock when they try to upgrade on June 19th.

AT&T customers purchasing an iPhone for the first time will be able to get a 16 or 32GB phone for $199 or $299. But many customers in the middle of their AT&T contracts for first or second generation models will have to spend $399 and $499 to upgrade.

The price increase has already gotten a negative response from many vocal iPhone owners. The Washington Post called the new iPhone a “sucker’s bet” yesterday, while CNNMoney is waiting until Christmas to get one, and TechCrunch thinks it's a "very questionable upgrade."

Angering early adopters may not work out for AT&T longterm — AT&T's exclusive contract with Apple could expire as soon as next year — but in light of its unusual relationship with Apple and the cost of supporting the network-sucking smartphones, it looks as if AT&T is focusing on growing the iPhone user base at the cost of customer loyalty.


Facebook set to become a bona fide market research service?

In its short life span, Facebook has rapidly become one of the most popular destinations on the internet. That hasn't, however, translated to instant profits.

Despite its incredible metrics, Facebook has struggled with revenue and profitability. Hundreds of millions of dollars in capital have been provided to keep the company growing but thus far, Facebook hasn't developed a business model that appears to offer the promise of self-sustainability in the near future.