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Three Facebook trends that you may not be aware of

This week at Econsultancy Towers we hosted a few roundtables, one of which was 'Facebook: Optimising and Measuring the world's largest social media platform'.

For those of you that have attended a roundtable before, you'll be aware that we hand out a trends briefing, which is an up-to-date document on trends, pulled together by the research team before the event.

For those of you that haven't attended a roundtable before, you'll know what to receive when you do go.

I wanted to share the trends with you, as Facebook changes so frequently that it's always good to keep ourselves informed. Some of this information has been written about before on the blog, but I've found some new reports and statistics to reiterate the importance of knowing these changes, if you're using Facebook for your brand. 

So, onwards and upwards with the three most important trends that I found. 

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Facebook just changed mobile advertising. Here's how...

This week, Facebook announced a new version of its ad platform, Atlas, which has the potential to increase, significantly, how much we advertise on mobile. 

This is no upgrade, it's essentially a total rebuild 'from the ground up' which intends to solve some of the biggest problems facing digital marketers. 

But, really, Facebook wants to solve 'the mobile problem'. It's all about mobile.