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The disadvantage of funding: patent trolls

Many of the headlines relating to today's patent system absurdity involve big companies like Google, Oracle, Apple and Samsung. And for good reason: they have big money, and the most to gain (or lose) when it comes to patent disputes.

But patents are increasingly affecting smaller companies and upstarts, and not in a good way. In fact, it's getting so bad that startups raising capital might not want to celebrate their funding too loudly these days.

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Hasbro faces social media backlash after blogger shenanigans

Martyn Yang is just your average blogger. His hobby: writing about a number of Hasbro product lines, including Nerf.

So it's not all that surprising that Yang, who lives in Australia, was eager to respond to an email he received from a Hasbro employee asking if he'd like to give away a popular Nerf accessory to some of his site's readers.


The best internet business model: class action lawsuits?

The internet has produced some fantastically profitable business models over the past decade and a half. But out of all of them, which is the best?

Here's a candidate: class action lawsuits, which have been making their way onto the consumer internet, where it seems they may become a dreaded fixture.