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Understanding the business questions that attribution analysis can help answer

From the list of 2012 shameless buzzwords, attribution analysis is the one that really interests me and is a hot topic amongst most senior ecommerce professionals I know.


Because there isn’t a right answer for how use attribution analysis. During the attribution modelling sessions I moderated on for Econsultancy’s Digital Cream event, a constant theme was uncertainty about how to start using attribution and how to apply it to the business.

For many there was scepticism about the reliability and validity of the data.

I'm hoping this blog kick starts a discussion......


Six key issues from the attribution analysis & modelling table at Digital Cream 2013

I had the pleasure (or dubious honour?) of moderating on Econsultancy’s attribution analysis and modelling table at this year’s Digital Cream event at the Emirates stadium in London. 

It was an intriguing insight in to what ecommerce teams are doing and what is holding them back. The common theme was a slight unease about how best to use attribution modelling to help the business grow.

There was variety in the type of company represented, from membership organisations to high street retailers, as well as the job roles of the people attending, from ecommerce managers to business analysts.

Here’s a summary of the six key issues that were discussed and the challenges that businesses are facing.