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Is the domain name gold rush finally over?

The internet has minted a fair share of millionaires. More than a handful have made those millions buying and selling desirable domain names. Starting with the sale of for $7.5m in 1999, over the years many domains have changed hands for sizable amounts -- six, seven and even eight figures.

That's not exactly surprising: domains have been likened to real estate, and when it comes to building a brick-and-mortar business, it's all about location, location, location.


Is eBay's auction business stagnating?

Yesterday, eBay reported its Q3 2010 earnings.

The good news for investors: PayPal is going strong, with net revenue up 23% year-over-year. The bad news for investors: auction revenue has all but stalled, increasing just three percent year-over-year.


The domain name industry gets its Bernie Madoff

He may not have run a $50bn ponzi scheme but the domain name industry has found its Bernie Madoff. Yesterday, it was revealed that an employee of SnapNames, a popular domain name drop service and auctioneer, had been bidding on SnapNames domain name auctions, winning valuable domains, inflating auction prices and boosting revenue for the company in the process.

All told, the employee, who was an early member of the SnapNames team and a vice president at the company, is said to have participated in 5% of SnapNames' total auctions between 2005 and 2007 and that the value of his bidding accounted for 1% of SnapNames' revenue during that time.


OpenX launches online ad market

OpenX, the London-based startup that offers the open-source ad server by the same name, is moving into the sales side of the advertising business with the launch of a new online ad market.

OpenX Market enables advertisers to bid for impressions on participating websites using an auction format.

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